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Plan 1.5

Plan 1.5 is a non-profit organization that focuses on policy advocacy for effective and just climate policies in Korea with an aim to limit the global average temperature rise within 1.5℃.

Plan 1.5 works to find practicable solutions for immediate and effective reduction of emissions and seeks to expand and empower the climate movement in the civil society

Our Work

Climate Policy

Long-term goals have been set by many countries and corporations, but we desperately need to find ways to make it happen. Plan 1.5 takes “deep dive” approach into major sectors including energy, industry, transportation, and finance to come up with practicable solutions to enhance and implement climate mitigation measures.

Climate Network

Civil society stands at the forefront of the fight against climate change and the role has never been more important. Plan 1.5 aims to expand the climate movement through solidarity and collaboration with wide range of civil society organizations within and beyond environmental groups.

​Climate Defense

Law is a useful tool in fighting climate change. Plan 1.5 utilizes its legal capacity in public interest litigations against public policies and corporate entities as well as legal support for campaigns and climate activists.

Our Values

Climate change affects every corner of our lives, and so should climate movement. Plan 1.5 aims to venture into areas that have not been addressed or discussed, leaving “no stones unturned” to minimize the negative impact of climate change to the planet and the human society.

Plan 1.5 believes sharing knowledge, experience, and strategy brings out the best outcome from the climate movement as a whole. Plain 1.5 prioritizes collaboration and cooperation with fellow CSOs and contributing to enriching the common asset of the civil society.

Plan 1.5 believes in the power of collective thinking and values the difference in ideas and opinions of its members. Plan 1.5 seeks to find the best answer through deliberative process both for the work for its objectives and for development of the organization.

Our Team

Sejong Youn, Attorney (

Sejong practiced law in the field of environmental regulation and international dispute since 2012. In 2019, he joined the climate movement and worked on climate finance issues focusing on phasing out coal financing from public and private financial sector. Sejong is the counsel for the 19 plaintiffs in the Korea Youth Climate Litigation currently pending at the Korean Constitutional Court. Sejong loves cycling along the Han river.

​Jeehye Park, Attorney (

Jeehye began working with environmental NGOs as a full-time lawyer at the Green Law Center. In 2018, she joined Solutions for Our Climate and moved into campaigning to challenge the government and corporations to have a more robust plan to reduce GHG emissions. She played an important role in mobilizing civil society organizations nationwide to work together for the 2030 coal phaseout. She feels happiest listening to the birds waking up at dawn and walking through the neighborhood chatting with her child.

Kyungrak Kwon, Activist (

Kyungrak is a climate expert with 15+ years of experience in policymaking, consulting, and activism. His focus areas include emissions trading schemes, automotive emission controls, and regulatory measures for expansion of renewable energy. Kyungrak enjoys sharing meals with friends and families.

Misun Cho, Activist (

Misun is in charge of financial and operational management of the organization. A cup of coffee on a rainy day, a beer with her husband when the baby is asleep are her favorite moments in life.

최창민 퉁퉁.jpg

Changmin Choi, Attorney (

Changmin is an attorney who started his career as an in-house counsel at major energy and automotive corporations since 2012. His interest in sustainable development led him to join the overseas office of the Korea International Cooperation Agency as a legal specialist in 2015. From 2017, he advised investments in developing economies and ESG matters at a law firm, with a focus on climate risk and emissions trading systems. Changmin loves spending time in nature with his family.

Board Members

Gwanghun, Seok (Policy Advisor, Energy Transition Forum)

Siwon, Park (Professor, Law School of Kangwon National University)

Jonghwa, Noh (Senior Researcher, Economic Reform Research Institute)

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